Brian Lanzone - Jazz Bassist

Brian Lanzone

Brian Lanzone has a masters degree in music from the University of Nevada. Having traveled the world professionally on cruise ships playing music for several years he has finally settled down in Morro Bay, CA with a beautiful wife and young son. When he’s not playing gypsy jazz he can be found playing with a multitude of other groups including the Tipsy Gyspies.

Allan Dick - Violinist

Allan Dick

Allan Dick knows how to please the crowd with his soaring violin solos. Not only is he an inspiration to the Hot Club of SLO collective for his musicianship, but he can often be found teaching us how to live a long and prosperous life.

James Gallardo - Jazz Bassist

James Gallardo

James Gallardo is currently studying for his music degree at Cal Poly. He is an accomplished, and busy, bass player on the central coast. When he’s not playing gypsy jazz he can be seen performing with his group Green to White.

Forrestt Williams - Gypsy Jazz Guitarist

Forrestt Williams

Forrestt is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who’s played many styles of music professionally for over 10 years, but he prefers to spend his time playing gypsy jazz. When he’s not playing gypsy jazz he can be seen leading the Tipsy Gypsies.

Patrick Monson - Gypsy Jazz guitar player

Patrick Monson

In 2015 Patrick earned his degree in music from Cal Poly. Patrick is a multi-instrumentalist as well as an accomplished vocalist – singing everything from Frank Sinatra to James Hetfield – as well as being a force to be reckoned with on the guitar.

Ben Arthur - Gypsy Jazz guitar player

Ben Arthur

A recent graduate of Cal Poly, Ben Arthur is a highly talented Gypsy Jazz musician. Having spent untold hours doing professional transcriptions for he’s had the opportunity to hone his skills for vibrant and challenging solos.